Well, Well.

Its been a very long time since I’ve been here, and currently I’ve made a mess of my site,

but it will have to wait until daylight as the hour is fast approaching 4:30 am!

Was going to give you some news!  Anything … until I’ve made a mistake and changed my site

layout and have no clue as to what theme I had before . . . so for now this will have to do.


Perhaps tomorrow will bring freshness to these tied eyes and ailing hands, along with the mind

that fades in and out wondering here and there.


So in the meantime, have a pleasant Wednesday … and hope to see  you on the flip side of this day.


Tønsberg Vinterlandskap

Such a beautiful picture.

Cardinal Guzman

This is an old photo, shot back in 2009 with my Canon EOS 300D. It’s a small Norwegian village called Tønsberg.

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Hearts in the snow – Mio

There are hearts, do you see?

Night lights of San Francisco – Michael Kaldani

Rainbow of lights in SanFran

A Vertical Garden in Spain


Can we help the earth and our surroundings?

Return To Pioneer Gardening

One of the lost arts of pioneer gardening….composting. Composting is an excellent way to reduce garbage going to the landfill, and fertilizes your garden better than ANY chemical product on the market. Its better for your health, the health of your garden plants, and the environment overall.

Composting involves tiny organisms and helpful naturally-occurring bacteria that break down the items in your compost pile to a soil-like substance called humus. Humus is crumbly like soil, and smells like fresh soil. All traces of the original material are gone, and all that remains is a vitamin and mineral rich substance that plants love.

Composting is an art, and there’s no one way to do it. However, anyone can compost, and if you garden or not, composting is beneficial for everyone. Composting in winter is tricky, and the process slows considerably. Composting requires heat, to quickly break down the materials in the…

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Being 12 again, while watching the #BEATLES 50 years later.

An experience #flashback!