A little puzzled


OK, so I have this blog here on WordPress .. and I (in the past) created art on deviantART and I’m trying to get back on both and keep my mind focusing on something other than the medical problems that faces myself and my mom with my daddy. And it appears that both WP and DA have changed so much, that I need to learn them both all over again! DA is messing up my Journal UPDATE Entries … and have put them Who knows Where! … and WP .. wants (but I think fixed) to approve my posts before they are posted! … a Ping back! ??? Come on,  blogging and art entries should be easy.  Write what you want, how you want it displayed .. (and WP is not my favorite layout with this) and showcase your art in a simple form that the public can view your art, or read your blog!  What is so hard for this to be done?  I should be able to write with a FLARE, bold, italic, color ….. background color, if I choose to emphasize WHAT I’m writing about.  And my ART should be showcased in the format fitting the work of art – object, glass, poetry,  but I suppose too many hands in the pot, without the proper stirring and it will boil over.  No wonder so many people have left deviant ART in the past – and others (me included) might in the near future! … And WordPress should do away with those THEMES that are so outdated.  I was receiving e-mails on updates from WP, the people I was am following … and for one reason or another ALL of it stopped.
NOW mind you, I did stop some of the following blogs daily e-mails …, but I certainly did NOT stop the news alerts from WP … but yet they did …. for instance … when new themes are presented, notice sent, right.  That all stopped.  So did any notice of updates.

It leaves me to wonder and ponder… WHAT next shall I do?

You can find me on Facebook & also dabble in Twitter…. But they also have their own set of problems ….

On another note of Question?  Why does WP have to have Tags & Categories is the most awful place on the (ANY) theme … Who cares?  Does it really make THAT much of a difference?? It put them on EVERY POST?  Oh well, just something I’ve always hated… I think a BLOG to read, should be a lay-out like your favorite magazine.  ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ – ‘Victorian’ – ‘Time’… etc.  The blog should be inviting, & enjoyable.  Not clouded by the unnecessary things.



WordPress Problem!!??

Screen Shot of problem submitted to forum for HELP!

Why my POST need Approval before submitting … like comments! ??



Birthdays & Being Thankful!

February 7, 2014
** The Day **
I Turned Another Year Older

While in the car headed out to meet with two friends for lunch at The Corner Bistro. It was a GREAT lunch, with the Friends who were also with me when the Over the HILL 40th Birthday rolled around .. 22 years ago.  { February 7th  }

Late Yesterday (Thursday) I received a birthday card from my cousin in NC… a Phone call last night from TWO Aunts .. who then both sang “Happy Birthday” to me …

Then an e-mail this morning {Friday} from a (special) cousin in NC who said something like this “that on this day God had created a beautiful baby . and to enjoy my day” (something like that) {so I think I did OK}.. and then the lunch … arrive home…

Came home, (after checking in on Mom and Dad) & another phone call from my aunt with wishes again…. went back to Mom & Dad’s … and cake … (daddy now sleeping) SO mom and I watched the opening of the Sochi 2014 Olympics … and that was wonderful to share with my mother. (the cake was good too) …

A couple more ‘messages’ from two cousins….

So turning my age – is not bad …

I look forward to what the year has in store for me, & when things get tough as they sometimes do, I’ll have friends who will listen, give support, give hope, share LOVE…

Today – My Birthday


Two Girl Friends
We spent the lunch time this afternoon
22 years later from my  previous post.  { February 7th  }
when we were a bit younger….

February 7th

February 7th

Twenty-Two Years ago .. I was celebrating my 40th Birthday with friends…. and today, I will celebrate with two of those friends with an afternoon lunch.

Life has had its ups and downs, but that is what happens when life marches
on no matter what occurs and how hard we try and stop it or even wish the wheels could turn back.

But life, it is what we make it. I’ve done OK … not the best at times, but I’m proud of who I am as a person. And with that, that is the most important gift I can give myself… not just today, but any given day.

Be proud, Walk tall, Cry when needed, Laugh as often as you can, Love with your heart, Pray, Share the Joys and Sorrows…. GROW within ones self, so others can also grow with you.

Thankful. That I have this LIFE.

Marilyn Monroe’s 1954 I.D. Card

enhanced-buzz-wide-5356-1362702561-3Monroe’s I.D. card sold for $57,000.

From Bonhams description:

Though this ID card has been reproduced as a souvenir item and sold in stores and has also been seen in many books, this piece appears to be the actual one that Monroe used when she performed for the troops in Korea while she and Joe DiMaggio were on their honeymoon.

And she didn’t even lie about her weight.



Could you imagine coming home from work to find this tiny creature napping on your couch with your dog?  Guess who came home for dinner? It followed this beagle home, right through the doggy door This happened in Maryland recently.   The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home..   This hit the 6 o’clock news big time.



Isn’t this adorable? Send this to all your friends,

especially the animal lovers and give them a big smile.