Chocolate Cake with Tea – ReWorked


When I was trying to decide which image I should do for today’s rework so many came to mind.  I went through lots of photos and this next one really stood out, see if you can see why.

This was one of my first-ish attempts at HDR images.  I was using Photoshop to do them.  The original post was also called Chocolate Cake with Tea and I did it back in December.  I remember doing it, I had to make the cake, then ice it and then set up the still life.  I hadn’t really used the cups and saucers before, so it was nice to get them out for this.  They seemed to go so well with this set up.

I used 5 images for this and I think it is fair to say that I over, over saturated the colours somewhat, even the cake looks too orange.  The lighting looks…

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