Issues with FB as do I!
***Oh I forgot to tell everyone I quit – at least for the 30 days they blocked me for doing nothing………! ***



It’s been what – 4-5 years? Looking back at it, the good times we’ve spent, games we played, fights we’ve won, photos taken and exchanging messages, it cuts me. Right there. Deep in my heart.

You’ve changed so much. I remember how you used to look really plain and simple. You were a minimalist. You hated the games, so we never had them. You didn’t dislike anything. You just like them, and then you say something. A comment, critique or whatever. But now, you’re so complicated I don’t even understand why you have to set up a Timeline for your life.

You’ve changed so much. I remember we used to play pokes. It was fun. But then you decided we’ll play a game with your other friends. That’s when you kept bugging me with Game Requests. Seriously, I don’t want to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker when I’m messaging…

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